Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. How to use this course

    3. AppsEvents Learning Platform (Download)

    4. Your Google account

    5. 21st Century classrooms and teacher PLN's

    6. Technology in school

    7. Google's tools in school

    8. Selecting the best tool for the job

    9. Google's tools (Download)

    1. Google Drive: do more with less

    2. Gmail and clear communication

    3. Google Drive Practice

    4. Chat making class/team communication easy

    5. Google Groups for open communication and discussions

    6. Benefits of each tool

    7. Never miss a thing with Google Calendar

    8. Calendar check

    9. Mail and Chat Cheat sheets for Educators (Download)

    1. Getting started with Meet

    2. Running successful online meetings

    3. Effective meetings online and in-person

    4. Calendar and Meet integration

    5. Making meetings count

    6. Meeting cheat sheet (Download)

    7. Join a Meet cheat sheet (Download)

    8. Meet home screen cheat sheet (Download)

    1. Bringing your classroom online

    2. Setting meaningful work

    3. Making the most of Classroom

    4. Google Classroom cheat sheet (Download)

    5. Create an online hub for work with Sites

    6. Share your students work with the community

    7. On using Sites

    1. Collect responses from your students

    2. Use the responses in Sheets

    3. From Rubrics to Forms

    4. Before you move on...

    1. Getting Started with Google Sheets

    2. Building and customizing a dashboard in Google Sheets

    3. More resources and sample data for practice

    4. Expanding the use of your dashboard in Google Sheets

    5. More resources and practice

    6. Before you move on...

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