Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level 2

    2. Support Structures

    3. AppsEvents Learning Platform (Download)

    4. Providing an expanded Online hub for learning through Drive, Sites, and Blogger

    5. All your learning materials In Drive

    6. Sites as your Online repository

    7. Drive and Sites, your online hubs

    8. Empower learners with Blogger

    9. Scenarios with Drive, Sites and Blogger

    1. Personalize learning with Google tools

    2. Which model is it again?

    3. Finding quality content

    4. PBL with Google Sites and Blogger

    5. Making your Syllabus digital

    6. Flipping the classroom experience

    7. Your Reflection

    1. Drawings, Docs, Blogger, Sites, Slides

    2. Create flowcharts, animations and books

    3. Comment on uploaded image of physical work

    1. Keep and Jamboard, staying organized

    2. Can it be done?

    3. Google Scholar, your help!

    4. Searching better and faster

    5. Explore and translate

    6. Researching faster and better

    1. Choose your own adventure in Slides

    2. Adventures in Forms

    3. Can Slides and Forms do this?

    4. YouTube a Tool for Creation

    5. Fun with assessments

    1. Productivity at its best

    2. Meet about your students

    3. Doing more with Extensions

    4. Doing more with Add-ons

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